Bottarga is what taste buds dream of ! A centuries old, briny delicacy made from the roe or eggs of Wild Caught Mullet fish (Mugil Cephalus).
mugil cephalus
This extremely fine roe is cured in it's own natural casing or sac, each containing two lobes. The sacs are thoroughly cleaned, enrobed in course salt, then naturally dried or dehydrated until reaching their desired cure level, a somewhat hard sausage like consistency. Some like it sharp, while others prefer a less pronounced taste. The longer the cure time, the sharper the flavor and the darker the color. Once the desired cure level is attained, they are immediately preserved either in shrink wrap or dipped multiple times in warm melted paraffin wax, an old school method that has been used for centuries before preservation existed. Bottarga Brothers offers both!


 bottarga sun dried



Bottarga dates back nearly 3000 years to the Phoenicians, who's enterprising maritime trading culture spread across the Mediterranean from 1550 BC to 300 BC. They are believed to be the first culture to salt and dry or cure Grey Mullet Roe. Drawings of fisherman fishing and preparing Mullet roe have been discovered along the riverbanks of the Nile River on ancient Egyptian murals. Mediterranean’s remain today’s biggest Bottarga connoisseurs and consumers. 

 Cured Mullet Roe or Bottarga, was first written into literature by Bartolomeo Sacchi (Platina), an Italian writer and gastronomist who is believed to have written the first ever printed cookbook "De Honesta Voluptate et Valetudine" ("On Honourable Pleasure and Health") ca.1465. Italians can be credited for having best popularized the term “Bottarga”, short for Bottarga di Muggine ( Roe of Mullet ) the most universal term for cured Mullet Roe today. Today Bottarga is widely enjoyed throughout Europe but is most popular in Italy, France, Spain, Greece, and Egypt.  Japan, Taiwan, Portugal, Croatia, North Africa, Lebanon and Turkey each have their own name and preparation methods for virtually the same delicacy.
bottarga cured 

Impress your guests…savour Bottarga cut in thin slices with your favourite aperitif, or grate it like truffles on top of rice, pasta, eggs, toast and much more...turn your ordinary dishes into culinary delights. Check out our Recipes! Used by such chefs as Martha Stewart, Frankie Celenza, Jamie Oliver, and mentioned on CNN's Anthony Bourdain "Parts Unknown" Marseille (Oct. 2015) and "Charleston” (Nov.2015) episodes. An all natural, healthy, product made of just two ingredients. Like a fine cigar, or a tasty caviar, Bottarga is a unique taste, you will never forget! Discover Bottarga Brothers superb line of Supreme Bottarga, the very finest Cured Mullet Roe from around the world.


bottarga pasta

Best known as Bottarga, but also known as...

French : Boutargue / Poutargue
 Italian : Bottarga / Butàriga
Egyptian : Batarekh
Japanese : Karasumi
Spanish : Botargo
Greek : Avgotaraho
Taiwanese : Wuyuzi
Portuguese: Butarga
Interesting Bottarga Health & Other Facts! 

* Contains only 2 natural ingredients - Mullet Fish Roe & Salt
* Excellent source of Phosphorus, Zinc, Iodine, Iron & Calcium
* Packed full of Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids
* Rich in Protein and can be consumed by children, athletes & canines.
* Contains vitamins A, B & C

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