greek avgotaharo
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Our "GREEK AVGOTARAHOis an authentic, Greek, traditional delicacy made from the highest quality Grey Mullet roe cured with sea salt and dehydrated in it's own natural membrane to absolute perfection. The whole is covered in natural beeswax for sweet preservation. Artisanally prepared exactly as it has been since 1850 from generations of the same family. Sweet, delicious, briny, silky roe, prepared by the worlds' "TOP" Bottarga Masters in Athens, Greece. A sublime delicacy, sure to please the most discernible palet. Simply delightful!
An exquisite, refined, culinary delight for foodies who love that oceanic umami flavor. Enjoy cut in thin slices with your favorite aperitif. All natural, healthy product made of just two ingredients, salt & roe.
Wrapped in All Natural Beeswax
No Preservatives
Wild Caught
Finest Premium Quality Roe
Medium Soft Texture
 Sweet and Salty
6 Month Shelf Life
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