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Whole Shrink Wrapped Bottarga
Medium Hard Texture
Can be Grated/Sliced/Shaved 
Imported from Brazil
12 Month Shelf Life
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Our “Ouro Do Brasil” Bottarga is produced by the Worlds’ Finest Bottarga Masters in Brazil! This precious Roe is carefully extracted from wild caught Grey Mullet, fished from the pure and crystalline sea of Santa Catarina in Southern Brazil during a short 3 month window that occurs only once a year. 
Mullet Roe is known to have an extremely high nutritional value. This raw golden colored roe, is transformed into Bottarga using a natural and artisanal procedure in which the roe is first salted, then cured through dehydration. Once cured to it’s optimal level, it can then be preserved in shrink wrap, which stops it’s cure process. Bottarga is an all Natural hand made Organic product made of just two ingredients, Mullet Roe and Sea Salt. Bottarga is rich in protein and Omega-3’s reinforcing body health, strengthening the immune and cardiovascular system. Above all, it is one of the most Sublime tasting delicacies coming from the ocean. Sustainable, HAACP Certified, FDA approved, and ready to eat. Used by the Worlds top Chefs and Culinary Institutes. Discover Ouro Do Brasil, the Gold of Brazil, impeccable flavor and quality!

Store in a dry and cool place. Refrigerate after opening and consume within 12 days.

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