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boutargue classique
French / Tunisian / Authentic / Traditional
Waxed Sealed ( Shrink Wrapped )
Imported from France
Medium/Soft Texture
Can be Sliced
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Grand-Rabbinat de Paris
Sous le Strict contrôl du
Beth'Din de Paris
Kacher le Pessah-Parve
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Among Francophones and North Africans, Bottarga is known as Boutargue or Poutargue. Preserved in a thick coat of paraffin wax, an old school preservation method used for centuries, which kept this delicacy preserved for long periods of time. Enjoy this tasty delicacy, cut in thin slices, with arak, a fine whisky or wine.
Our artisan-ally prepared French Boutargue imported from Paris, France is a superb, marrowy delicacy of Mullet Roe cured to perfection to a honey like color, coated in paraffin wax. The result, a sublime delicacy sure to please the most discernible gastronomic palettes. Used by such chefs as Mario Batali, Martha Stewart, and Jamie Oliver.Enjoy our French Boutargue cut in thin slices with your favorite aperitif, or grate (after removing wax) it like truffles on top of rice, pasta, eggs, bread and much more! Turn your ordinary dishes into culinary delights! This product is sublime, a cut above the rest! Made by the worlds finest Boutargue producers specifically for Bottarga Brothers in France. An all natural, healthy product made of just two ingredients. 
Boutargue is a unique taste, you will never forget! Our "French Boutargue" ranges from 150 to 230 grams in size.  CERTIFIED KOSHER, WILD, ALL NATURAL, NO PRESERVATIVES! 

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